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Pleasurable Vistas

Friday August 22, 2008
TONY Lloyd's crystalline landscapes trade Romantic awe for a passport to international pop-cultural pleasure. The Drift (above) and Peru evoke the anti-landscapes of Ed Ruscha and Matthys Gerber. Lloyd avoids panoramic scale, his monochrome palette suggesting reworkings of National Geographic photos, and predilections for air-crash-in-the-Andes-cannibal films. In Remember Me, a Richteresque Sphinx stares impassively at a passing spaceship, while in Return of the Gods a grazing beast stonily ...


Friday February 1, 2008
"I had no idea that a sphinx was like a real make of cat ... I thought it was just like a type of statue."

Brown's Questions Hit Spy Chief As Hard As A Feather

Saturday July 12, 2003
IT WASN'T only the exchanges between the Liberals' George Brandis and the quartet of ONA intelligence analysts that proved great political theatre in the Senate committee hearings on last October's Bali bombings. When the Greens' Bob Brown got his turn to have a crack at Dennis Richardson, the sphinx-like director-general of ASIO, the language and mood were no less crackling. If ``Soapy Sam" Brandis had trouble smarming ONA, a floundering Brown had no hope of verballing Richardson.

Uecomm Comes On Like The Sphinx

Wednesday May 30, 2001
With its scrip in freefall and $130million wiped off its market worth, directors of the United Energy-controlled Uecomm remain mute. Five weeks ago at the annual meeting, directors repeated earnings warnings and referred to problems with switching equipment used in the delivery of broadband Inte

Magic Touches A Gallipoli Beach

Thursday April 26, 2001
The magic came long before yesterday's dawn service at Gallipoli. It appeared the previous evening, as a golden sun slipped behind the smoky silhouette of the Aegean islands. The beach and the towering Sphinx that sheer, weather-beaten headland that dominates the western side of the peninsula were bathed in a soft glow. As were about 40 exuberant young Australians, playing a boisterous game of two-up on a paved area which next morning would be occupied by a stony-faced catafalque party for the dawn service.

Opera's Grand Scale

Thursday December 21, 2000
THE man who brought us outdoor opera writ large is back, but this time without the giant Sphinx. As one operatic extravaganza pulls out of Sydney, another moves in. Three weeks after Edgley International and Raymond Gubbay announced the cancellation of their $9million arena production of Pucci

Spare The Elephants, Verdi Goes Virtual

Friday November 24, 2000
The man who brought us outdoor opera writ large is back but this time without the giant sphinx, writes Kelly Burke. As one operatic extravaganza pulls out of Sydney, another moves in. Three weeks after Edgley International and Raymond Gubbay announced the cancellation of their $9 million arena pro

Colourful Musical Hits Stage

Tuesday July 25, 2000
PYRAMIDS, palm trees and the odd sphinx will bring a touch of Biblical Egypt to the stage of Newcastle University's Griffith Duncan Theatre next month. Metropolitan Players marshalled slave girls yesterday to launch its season of the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which o

Students Chase Trips Of The Trade

Sunday November 14, 1999
WITH the Tower of Pisa leaning in their direction and the Sphinx giving them the eye, it's no wonder Dean Woodham and Belinda Zelesco are interested in travel. These icons from around the world are still only poster images in the college where Mr Woodham and Miss Zelesco are studying to realise


Saturday March 20, 1999
GOOD FAERIES BAD FAERIES Brian Froud Pavilion, $39.95 THERE are faeries here for everyone, including Helpful Hob, who does his bit in the kitchen, the Dawn Faery, who helps in moments of self-doubt, Moon Sphinx, who is called on for guidance through the dark, and Dream Weaver, the in

Skittled By The Tension After Gutter Start

Monday September 14, 1998
Tenpin bowling's Games debut was always going to be an auspicious occasion - the first event to be held inside a giant shopping mall with an imitation sphinx at the entrance. But if the facade was Las Vegas-phoney, the tension and excitement created by the pipe-opener, the women's doubles, was

Las Vegas, Geelong Style

Sunday April 12, 1998
The sun slowly rises over the Sphinx Entertainment Centre, North Geelong. Most of the city still sleeps. It's Sunday, but the massive hotel and bar complex - with a 14-metre-high replica sphinx on the roof - runs its pokies around the clock, all day and all night, ceaselessly. The complex is a bizar

Heard The One About The Man From Mars?

Tuesday April 7, 1998
The mystery of "the face" on Mars could be solved today by new images beamed to scientists from the red planet via Australia. Is "the face" an alien Sphinx or a trick of the light playing on just another Martian hill? Astronomers hope close-ups of the mysterious formation

Pharaonic Facelift

Saturday March 21, 1998
CAIRO ? In the time of the pharaohs, a weary prince fell asleep in the sands by the Sphinx's head and dreamed that the beast offered him the crown of Egypt if he would restore the monument to its former splendour. The prince cleared sand that had reached to the animal's neck and used limestone bl

Slicing Up The Sphinx

Saturday November 15, 1997
AN Italian archaeologist has his heart set on hacking into the Sphinx. Professor Guiseppe Fanfoni wants to grab the very big saw and cut through the base of Egypt's 4600-year-old statuey thing. There is a reason for this guy's strong urge to fire up the chainsaw and go Sphinx-slicing. Afte

Pharoah's Tomb Figurine Unearthed In Sydney

Monday March 10, 1997
A 2,500-year-old Egyptian figurine has just been discovered, not near the Great Pyramid or the Sphinx, but at the bottom of a box in Sydney. The unorthodox find was made recently by Mr Jamie Ede , a leading antiquity dealer from London, who was hired to evaluate the collection of artefacts at the

Sphinx Uncovered

Thursday February 1, 1996
TONIGHT. The Mystery of the Sphinx, Channel 7, 8.30pm. WHEN a program begins with lines like ``What you are about to see may be history in the making", it sounds suspiciously like an Erich von Daniken situation in the making. And when the speaker is Chartlon Heston, it's even harder not to r

Bush Search Finds Dad, Kids

Saturday May 27, 1995
A 38-year-old man and his four children who were feared missing in the bush in Sydney's north were found last night. The father and the children, aged between 5 and 11, were last seen at 2pm yesterday at a stone landmark called The Sphinx at Bobbin Point in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. A sp

French 'sphinx' Is A Monument Eroding Fast

Sunday May 14, 1995
PARIS, Sunday: As Jacques Chirac prepares to move from Paris's Town Hall to the more desirable address of the Elysee Palace, France's longest-serving postwar President, FrancAois Mitterrand, has been doing his best to ensure a place in history. Presiding over VE Day celebrations in Paris this mon

Slaveware Eases The Load

Tuesday March 7, 1995
THE utterly cynical might remind you that the pyramids were built without computers. Presumably, the planning happened on papyrus and we don't know how far they overshot their deadlines. Today, lacking a vast and expendable slave population and the secret of the Sphinx you might find a software

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